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                          THEATRICAL ARTS MINISTRY

   In 1993 at Glad Tidings Church, San Diego, a drama ministry was birthed.  Prior to this time we only held musicals twice a year--Easter and Christmas. Although I was heavily involved in these productions, we seldom did any other kind of theatrical arts in between. In 1992 I was given the opportunity to write a sketch for a special youth service that was going to be labeled as "The Big Night". After that, this sketch thing was starting to catch on at our church and people were beginning to see that I had the creative ability to write comedy sketches. Things were progressing and in 1993 we held our inaugural "Drama Night" event.This event consisted of a few short comedy sketches and a longer full length drama presentation. It was a successful event and it paved the way for a lot more and we began to see the need for a drama/comedy/theatrical arts ministry. We performed drama and comedy sketches regularly for ten years. By 2004 I wrapped with my second feature film and then I spent the next 16 years focused on writing screenplays and producing three more feature films. It was also during this time that I left Glad Tidings Church to follow other ministry opportunitites. Although I was passionately in love with screenwriting and movie making, I really missed the stage, writing comedy sketches and performing with like-minded people. In May of 2019 Mavic and I attended Glad Tidings (now renamed People's Church) 40th year anniversary where I was reacquainted with old friends. The pastor,  Phoebe Dial made an announcement to all the people. She announced the new vision of the church, which is to build a brand new performing arts worship center. And it was as if I was struck by lightening. It was at that moment  I knew that I had to return to People's Church and support its new vision.   


This sketch was titled "Three Hebrew Homies" and its a parody about the story of the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace. I played King Nerd (King Nebuchadnezzar).  Jeff Calimlim, Bruce Phayvanh and Marcial Bombase portrayed Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego, aka, Shaggy, Meshie and Bennie. This sketch was a fan favorite and we used the score from the film Jurassic Park.  One funny blunder happened when the tech crew was supposed to start the music when I raised my scepter, but when they didn't see my cue I had to say out loud, "music please."


This is one of my all time favorite photos from any sketch that we've ever performed. The actor is Ray Alvin Garcia. In this scene from the slapstick comedy sketch "The Tract", he is running away from a group of over enthusiastic Christians and when they corner him in an alley, well, he has no other choice but to break through a brick wall to escape. I don't know who took this photo but the timing could not have been any better.  This sketch was performed two consecutive nights and after the first performance we had to tape the wall back together again.  

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