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ABOUT: Reesie the Screenwriter








    I am a passionate Christian screenwriter and independent filmmaker and investor with Called Higher Studios. I have been dedicated to this industry since 2001. After working in the drama and theatrical arts ministry at my home church for many years, God placed the desire in my heart to become a screenwriter and filmmaker. Within twenty years I've written nearly  one hundred stage sketches, eighteen full length screenplays and produced five independent feature films. Currently I am in development for a couple short films and once again after a long absence, I am active in the drama and theatrical arts at church. 

    I've had people approach me and ask me why I don't move to LA (Hollywood).  The truth is, I have never had Hollywood ambition.  It was never my desire to try to make a living as a screenwriter/filmmaker in tinsel town. I am happy and content where I am, working in the ministry and producing my own films. Although that's not to say I would turn down a job if it was offered to me. I am just not actively seeking that.  I honor God with my creative gifts and do what I do because of his love and grace in my life. God has always been the main motivating factor in my career. It is my objective, as a Christian Artist, to be salt and light in the entertainment industry because by doing so we will be able to reach the lost for Christ  and entertain Christian and non-Christian  audiences alike,  through the visual arts.


"Doing our best with our God given talents is our responsibility. Leave the rest to God"

--David E. Ruiz


    I was anointed with the name Reesie (Ree-see) in the 9th grade by a funny  classmate of mine.  It all began because people were not exactly sure how to pronounce my last name (Ruiz). There are a few ways to pronounce it. So my classmate, just to avoid anymore confusion came up with the name Reesie and I just ended up spelling it the way it is. The name caught on quickly and pretty soon everybody was calling me Reesie. 

    The nickname stuck with me all through my adult years because when I first began attending Glad Tidings Church in the mid-80's someone I knew from high school (Sergio Soriano) was also attending the church and he knew me as Reesie. And soon enough everybody began calling me by that name. Since then the name Reesie has never eluded me.

This black and white photo to the left is of my friends in High School. I affectionately labeled us as "The West Coast Boys", which was the title of my first novel I wrote back in 1984.

From L to R:

Froilan Cruz (Roy), Ronnie Saradpon, 

Steve Flanagan, Gerry Saradpon and myself. (Ronnie and Gerry are brothers) They were my first real friends.



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