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   The idea for "Sinderella" marinated in my head in late 1993 and it was going to be for a stage sketch, not a film.  In January of 1994 I was part of a short term mission group that was going to the Philippines for six weeks. So I wrote the sketch during the flight. I had eighteen hours on a plane so that was more than enough time to write the rough draft. Later in the summer of 1994 we had our "Drama Night" presentation, which is an event where our drama team at the the time performed various sketches for our church audience and invited guests. Sinderella was one of the sketches that was performed that night. I remember the cast like it was yesterday. Gail Marcelo played the lead role Sinderella, Darlene Nebril was the stepmom and Norlynn Calimlim and Chanda Marcelo Serrano played the two step sisters. Mike Torres was the Pastor and I played Angel Wilbur. It retrospect, I believe it was the favorite sketch among the audience. We performed the sketch one more time after that.
     Cut to 2022, by this time I already had several feature and short films under my belt and I was catching the "short film bug". I was developing a passion for making short films.  So I dusted off the original stage sketch and rewrote it for the screen. I already knew who I wanted to be Sinderella. I had worked with Kella Smith on a couple of projects prior and after reading the screenplay she decided to come on board. I was thrilled because I really wanted her for the role.  I had worked with Andrew Ian on several films as well and I actually had him in mind as Wilbur the Guardian Angel.  Andrew is a gifted actor with phenomenal improvisation skills and so I knew he would be perfect for the role and bring a  lot to the character. Pia Thrasher has been in everyone of my films, so I was happy to bring her on as the mean stepmom and Natalie Van Heukelem and Amanda Thomas were the two step sister.  Aaron Groben played the Prince and Mark Pagayon played the Pastor.
    This production was a long two day shoot. The film was premiered at the Ultrastar Cinemas on Saturday, December 3, 2022. It was only screened for one day and we sold 145 tickets.
     Currently I plan on taking the film to as many churches who will allow me to screen it at their venue. Starting here in San Diego and going as far as the east coast. And . . .  a feature film script is in the works.    



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