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WRITER'S BIO:   David E. Ruiz (Reesie)



                     I  was a senior in high school and it was the time I wrote my first novel titled "The West Coast Boys".  It really wasn't anything special, just a fictional story of my friends and our escapades during our final year in high school. At that time, I didn't know in my heart that I wanted to be a writer. I wasn't even aware that I had the talent to write. Six more years had passed before I had the conviction in my heart that I will write for the rest of my life.



   In 1990 I was twenty six years old and I wrote my second novel. It was a friendship story titled "At All Times". Again, nothing special, just the story about two young adult guys who work at a beach front surf store. But something happened as I was writing this novel. I was passionately and lustfully bitten by the bug--the writer bug. I knew in my heart now that I am a writer. And I soon discovered that I did have the talent to write; to put characters and situations together and create entertaining content.



   I honed my writing craft as the director of our church youth and young adult drama team where I wrote many original sketches that were performed before audiences. I lead this ministry for ten years. During these years we performed many short sketches of all genres; drama, comedy, Biblical parodies, satires, slapstick and even full length drama and comedy productions. I grew and matured as a writer, director and as an actor. And I was blessed to have built a great network of friends and artists that I still maintain a relationship some thirty years later.


   The year 2000 came, along with a tug in my heart. This tug screamed out loud, "It's time to make movies!" I have never made a film and I learned that I must first write a screenplay. My brother Paul gave me a book titled "Screenplay" by Sid Field. For a long time that book became my second Bible. I learned how to write a movie in the screenplay format. Once I learned how to do that I kept writing screenplays and never stopped.



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