Welcome to my "MOVIE NIGHT" page.  Every feature film that I ever made is available to be screen in its entirety.  From my very first film Autumn of the Sixteenth to the latest,  Uncle Reesie. In between these two films are Proctor, Bad Guy One and The Slingers. They're all family friendly with the exception of Proctor which contains a graphic murder scene and Bad Guy One which contains some profanity.  

    The completion of each film had its own unique challenges and with the exception of Autumn of the Sixteenth,  were screened at a movie theater opened to the public. Both The Slingers and Uncle Reesie had red carpet premieres.

Filmmaking is just like any other art form. The more you practice it the better you become, until you reach a point of consistency.

   I hope you all enjoy the films as much as I enjoyed making them.